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The world-class capability and worldwide reach of ITCourseware.com allow thousands of training professionals to deliver top-quality technical training.

LeadershipCourseware.com provides courseware and training materials covering ethical decision-making, leadership skills, management techniques, and a broad range of professional development topics.

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Companies improve productivity with training our IT pros deliver.

Training Delivery

Batky-Howell Training is 100% focused on delivering premium instructor-led IT training for software developers, programmers, system administrators, database administrators, and other IT professionals, at companies ranging in size from global corporations to start-ups.

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Acquire the knowledge you need to achieve your IT objectives through custom, end-to-end learning solutions.

End to End

When you’re addressing unique IT transition problems and need to master critical new skill sets, Batky-Howell gets your people up to speed and back to work quickly through comprehensive customized training programs designed to deliver practical knowledge that’s ready to implement.

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“Focusing on new ways to meet customer needs for training programs and materials continually draws us forward.”

—Bruce Batky, CEO and Co-Founder

Bruce Batky

An uncompromising focus on the needs of our customers is the primary reason for the success Batky-Howell has enjoyed since its founding in 1991. This orientation has led us, naturally, to create encompassing, engaging, and flexible training experiences that go well beyond the cookie-cutter approaches offered elsewhere.

The classes we deliver and the courses we develop focus on skills and knowledge that can be put to use immediately, as soon as students return to work.  We leave out the “fluff” and challenge students to learn by doing.

The foundations of Batky-Howell’s customer-focused orientation have been in place from the very beginning. In the late 1980s, Jeff Howell and I were working for Hewlett-Packard, supporting the UNIX operating system. Independently, each of us transferred to HP’s Denver office, where we met and began sharing our ideas and passions for starting a new company.  In 1991, we founded Batky-Howell.

Meeting a Customer Need for IT Training

Although our initial focus was UNIX consulting, Jeff and I soon discovered there was a real need for UNIX training. Once this customer need became clear to us, we began to transition from consulting to training. The first course we developed was so successful that we quickly developed three more.  We continued to add courses and currently have more than 70 classes, covering topics from Crystal Reports to .NET.

While all training companies claim to have the best training, we take our training deliveries to a higher level of excellence. The depth of teaching experience our instructors bring into the classroom gives them the ability to adapt the material being presented to guarantee, for every student, the best learning experience possible.

By far the most rewarding experience for us is to have students report that our class was the best class they’ve ever taken. We want to see our students thrive, and we take pride in being able to make this happen.

Training Delivery Leads to Courseware Sales

To achieve the consistent quality we sought for our students, we realized that we had to create courseware to support our teaching style. After using our courseware in one of our classes, students often asked if it were possible to purchase the content. Those inquiries fed a desire Jeff and I had to share our expertise with others. This desire led in 1998 to the creation of ITCourseware, a Web store selling IT-related courseware for use by technical training professionals around the globe.


Initially, ITCourseware offered titles created by the Batky-Howell development team. In the years since, we’ve expanded the list of titles many times over by working with courseware designers and technical experts around the world.

When we recognized an unmet need for a convenient source to provide professional training materials for the business community, we expanded again. Drawing on the success of the quality-and-service model we developed for ITCourseware, we created the Leadership Courseware online store to sell courseware and learning products covering business ethics, leadership, management, and professional development. This latest venture now offers over 200 titles.

Boosting Productivity and Work Quality for IT and Business Leaders

An uncompromising focus on the needs of our customers is the common thread linking our training delivery and courseware sales businesses. Nowhere are the customer benefits of this approach more apparent than in those situations that require major transitions to a different base of knowledge and a new set of IT skills.

Whenever IT managers need to implement challenging transitions, in which they need to move their people efficiently from their current competencies into mastery of a new set of skills, we have the experience and expertise to develop custom, end-to-end learning solutions necessary to achieve such vital, system-wide transitions.

One of our customers, for example, needed to make a system-wide move from a COBOL-based legacy system to the increased capability of a new Java-based system. The program we put together gave this client a fully integrated, “wrap-around” learning solution that began with benchmark evaluations measuring each individual team member’s initial level of mastery in Java. A customized course of training followed, which included classroom presentations, hands-on lab exercises, reading assignments outside of class, and a customized capstone exercise designed to simulate an actual on-the-job problem. After the training was complete, we conducted post-course evaluations to measure the effectiveness of program.

By implementing an effective and efficient training program, this customer was able to make the required transition. Custom end-to-end learning solutions not only affect critical transitions to new skill sets, but also boost a customer’s productivity and work quality. These improvements, in turn, give them confidence in their ability to meet challenging objectives on time and on budget.

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