Custom End-to-End Learning Solutions

End-to-end training helps national banking enterprise improve ROI

3 IT-related Challenges:

  • Cut costs to acquire skills
  • Maintain legacy systems
  • Pursue new technologies

3 Strategic Solutions:

  • Comprehensive training to leverage in-house talent
  • Recruit and train non-technical employees
  • Help experienced developers master new technologies

Batky-Howell's end-to-end solution began by evaluating candidates for training. An intensive six-month program used phased deliveries and real-time validations to ensure mastery of essential skills. A custom capstone project developed new skills in a realistic simulation exercise.

5 Significant Returns:

  • Minimized talent acquisition costs
  • Increased employee loyalty and reduced staff-turnover costs
  • Leveraged institutional knowledge assets to improve ROI
  • Legacy systems remained productive
  • Mastered new technologies for competitive advantage

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Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to achieve your IT goals and objectives.

When you’re confronting particularly challenging organizational transitions, and you need to acquire mastery of critical new knowledge and skill sets through the most cost-effective and efficient training programs possible, that’s when you can count on Batky-Howell to deliver. In addition to our standard options for training delivery, we develop custom learning solutions to meet the specific training program requirements of enterprises addressing unique IT transition problems.

End-to-End Solutions

End-to-End Solutions

The program management expertise we apply in our end-to-end process for developing and implementing effective custom learning programs is fundamentally similar to processes used to accomplish effective large-scale system developments. Our IT training experts apply the ADDIE methodology to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate custom learning solutions. Targeted to address your specific requirements, these custom learning programs deliver essential knowledge and practical skills that are ready to implement in the real world of your specific problems and unique organizational challenges.

A thorough, expert analysis of the challenges you face leads us to an accurate understanding of the knowledge gap you need to bridge. With a library of over 400 IT training titles at our disposal—and the ability to develop tailored content options—we have the resources to design, develop and implement a comprehensive learning solution that will meet your specific needs.

By making use of all appropriate blended learning techniques, Batky-Howell ensures that your training program delivers precisely the knowledge and skills you need to reach your goals. Pre- and post-testing evaluate the effectiveness of your program’s custom-developed readings, homework assignments, labs, and capstone exercises. So you’ll know your training program is delivering the right results.

Optimal Knowledge Transfers

The bottom line is the cost-effectiveness of optimal knowledge transfers. Batky-Howell develops custom programs that deliver the necessary knowledge and skills in the most efficient ways available. Your people come up to speed and get to work quickly, because your training programs focus on delivering practical knowledge that is ready to implement.

With an effective and efficient training program in place, you can be confident that you’ll achieve your objectives on time and on budget.

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