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The world-class capability and worldwide reach of allow thousands of training professionals to deliver top-quality technical training. provides courseware and training materials covering ethical decision-making, leadership skills, management techniques, and a broad range of professional development topics.

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Acquire the knowledge you need to achieve your IT objectives through custom, end-to-end learning solutions.

End to End

When you’re addressing unique IT transition problems and need to master critical new skill sets, Batky-Howell gets your people up to speed and back to work quickly through comprehensive customized training programs designed to deliver practical knowledge that’s ready to implement.

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Companies large and small improve productivity and work quality as a result of the training our team of IT pros delivers.

Having trained over 40,000 students in 3,200 courses, since the early 1990s, we understand the high standards of practicality, accuracy, and relevance that IT professionals expect their training programs to meet. We consistently meet and exceed those high standards. Because we’re an independent, vendor-neutral training company, we aren’t bound by any one vendor’s limited point of view. Instead, we’re free to present everything students actually need to know about the current best practices and potential limitations associated with the set of skills being presented.

Professional Instructors

Training Delivery

Unlike many training organizations, we maintain a core staff of expert instructors. These in-house training professionals guarantee the consistency and quality of every course delivered by Batky-Howell—not only before a course is offered, but also in real-time during the delivery of each course. Before we add an instructor to our team, we subject him or her to a rigorous screening process. As a result, you can be confident knowing that the instructors delivering your training have substantial, real-world, professional programming experience, which they will bring with them into the classroom.

Flexibility without Compromise

By bringing together a unique combination of modular courseware, the ability to deliver both onsite and live Internet classes, and a team of highly qualified, full-time instructors, our ability to meet your unique needs is unsurpassed. Best of all, we deliver all this flexibility without compromising the highly acclaimed quality and consistency of our training delivery.

The Flexibility to Meet Challenging Content Requirements

If your training challenges center on content, we have the flexibility to handle that. With a broad range of standard courses, ranging from introductory SQL to advanced topics in UNIX, Java, Oracle, XML, .NET, and more, we cover a lot of bases. We’re also able to develop training solutions tailored to your precise requirements. If you need a modified arrangement of an existing course, or you need to draw material from multiple courses, or require some other form of content customization, Batky-Howell will find a way to deliver training that meets or exceeds both your requirements and your expectations.

The Flexibility to Meet Challenging Logistical Requirements

If your challenges have more to do with logistics than content, we’re able to deliver cost-effective solutions to meet even the most challenging requirements. In addition to offering instructor-led, open-enrollment public courses, we also deliver private training. The private training is available at your site, in our training center, or via our online, instructor-led, “virtual classroom” training programs.

Training Delivery

In addition to providing flexible location solutions, we also address the time challenges presented by global workforces and the ever-growing shortages of time available to spend in a classroom. We're always willing to go the extra mile, to adjust our work schedules and deliver your training at whatever time is best for your people, even if that means our instructor is teaching your course at night or on a weekend. On the other hand, when time pressures and deadlines make it impossible to spend all day away from demanding projects, we’ll restructure your classes to deliver the required material in half-day sessions.

This logistical flexibility in location and scheduling means that Batky-Howell will deliver the expert, instructor-led training your IT professionals need, whether all your people are located at one central location, or they are in remote locations scattered across multiple time zones.

Continued Support

After a course is completed, each student is free to contact her or his instructor, via email, and ask follow-up questions regarding any topic covered in the course. This post-training support provides your team members with access to a valuable resource able to help them apply their new knowledge to their current projects. If you need a more direct level of support, we also offer short-term mentoring programs, through which an instructor comes to your site to work directly with your people on their projects.

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