Training Solutions

Training pros buy quality courseware at our 2 online stores.

Courseware sales

The world-class capability and worldwide reach of allow thousands of training professionals to deliver top-quality technical training. provides courseware and training materials covering ethical decision-making, leadership skills, management techniques, and a broad range of professional development topics.

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Companies improve productivity with training our IT pros deliver.

Training Delivery

Batky-Howell Training is 100% focused on delivering premium instructor-led IT training for software developers, programmers, system administrators, database administrators, and other IT professionals, at companies ranging in size from global corporations to start-ups.

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Acquire the knowledge you need to achieve your IT objectives through custom, end-to-end learning solutions.

End to End

When you’re addressing unique IT transition problems and need to master critical new skill sets, Batky-Howell gets your people up to speed and back to work quickly through comprehensive customized training programs designed to deliver practical knowledge that’s ready to implement.

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Premium Quality Training Solutions Boost IT Productivity and Leadership Effectiveness

As technologies and business environments continue to evolve, Batky-Howell’s training solutions deliver the skill training and professional development solutions IT professionals and business leaders need to compete successfully in a global marketplace.

Customer needs drive us to develop and deliver flexible training solutions that meet each customer’s unique requirements. Yet, the flexibility of our approach does not lead to a sacrifice of quality.

Every one of our course designs, including ones tailored to provide a specific training experience, presents practical content and realistic, hands-on lab experiences. The courses challenge students to learn.

This practical, hands-on approach to learning produces tangible results. When students return to work, they’re equipped with relevant new skills and expertise—capable of better work, and more productive than before.

Because everything we do is guided by the same deep commitment to serving customers’ needs, every customer receives efficient, cost-effective training solutions. These solutions boost productivity and deliver to our customers substantial returns on their training investments.

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